2 poems (1995)

I 1995 hadde jeg to dikt på trykk i en skotsk undergrunnsantologi
No, I don't want anything
that can be taken away
from me. I've seen through
the Pearly Gates
That's not where I want
to go. Because I can choose
and I choose not to
believe. I want sight
I don't want guidance
I can see for my self


I don't live
for anything
special, but I've
shared and I
can fall for
anyone if
no-one else
is around
Yeah, that's true:
We'll never work
We use our
hands to love

© Tekst (1995): Stefan Andreas Sture (første gang på trykk i Out From Beneath The Boot (Neruda Press) 1995)

Jeg var i godt selskap. Uten at det gjør mine dikt noe bedre

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